advertising claims at a suitable diet-John Barban

John Barban author of Venus Factor Program Review said: “In nutritional counseling among clients meet with such a strong influence on advertising or newspaper articles, whereas it sometimes remains head of state. People are able to truly believe, “says Iva Cheerful, who has a long experience in the field. John Barban Review

The most common question by Ivy is whether the cereal biscuits “from the famous advertising” really as healthy as advertising claims at a suitable diet.
In short – the nutritional value of these cookies are not significantly different from the competition. The truth is that they contain a higher proportion of fiber and certain vitamins than conventional cookies, but it is an almost insignificant.

Although it may be a little healthier option, not biscuits suitable for reducing diet. Let’s look at a few myths that govern how the Internet and between dietary:

Salad as the best choice – It is true that the salad can be as full of vitamins and fiber, and can be supplemented by fats, which are more or less appropriate. There is therefore a salad with added fat dressings, bacon, cheese and croutons from the salad can easily create a caloric meal.

It is therefore important to choose the ingredients and their quantities. Cheese in salads is certainly not forbidden, but we should save them and consume them in smaller quantities. “Recommend completely eliminates toppings, like mayonnaise and salad dressings,” says Iva Cheerful.


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